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  Event Title: Prize Fund State
Rocket Challenge Rodney Morris     $2060 International
ICA International CueMakers Challenge     $310 International
InsidePool.TV 2018 Open Play!     $250 International
FYREPLAY Shootout Qualifier Open Play     $1000 National
New England Diamond Derby City Qualifier women     $300 National
Test 6-14-19 Ron & Jason      California
Redwood Coast Show Offs Open Play     $100 California
+FYREPLAY Shootout 8-Player
$300 Florida
iCue Chicago Open Play Challenge     $120 Illinois
Chris's Billiard Chicago     $100 Illinois
Massachusetts State Open Play     $100 Massachusetts
Amazin Billiards Derby City Qualifier     $0 Massachusetts
+Amazin Billiards 8-Ball
$100 Massachusetts
Amazin Billiards Derby City Qualifier 9-B 12-8     $700 Massachusetts
Crows Nest Derby City Qualifier 9-B 1-5     $100 New Hampshire
Philly 8-Ball Open Play     $100 Pennsylvania
West Texas POOL Open Play #1     $100 Texas
Scotch Doubles Team Challenge     $100 Texas
West Texas POOL Killeen Open Play     $100 Texas
The Virginian Ultimate 8-Ball      $100 Virginia
Q-Master Billiards 8-Ball Challenge     $100 Virginia

Finals Tournaments:

West Texas 8-Ball PR>500+ PayOff $     $300 Texas
West Texas 8-Ball PR<499 PayOff $     $225 Texas

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