Welcome to the BilliardCommunity.com HOW TO PLAY? and introduction page.

As members of BilliardCommunity.com you are cordially invited to participate in an exciting new tournament format referred to as the Match Up or Challenge system.

Any 2 players play a real pool match and link that match into the 01-BilliardCommuity.com NATIONAL CHALLENGE.

FREE BONUS! The first ten paid entries will get 10 free match credits for the January 2011 Challenge.


>Itís a modified round robin. Challenge and play 10 different players.

>Play 8-Ball a Race to 5

>Play on any size pool table

>Winners are determined by most Matches Won MW with Games Won GW as the tie breaker. Click on the Heading GW to Rank the Players by GW.

>When matches are submitted online they immediately update the Leader Board with the new Player Rankings.

>The Challenge is scheduled to end when 64 players play 10 matches each.

>$500 CASH Prize and a $400 McDermott Cue.

1st Place $200

2nd Place $100

3rd Place $50

4th Place $25

5th Place $15

7th Place $10 free Match Credits

$400 McDermott Cue will be awarded in a drawing for all the players that play 10 matches.

>The cash & prizes are based on 64 players.

>Players that play less than 10 matches rollover into the January 2011 Challenge.

Click MY ACCOUNT to Register as a New Player.
> Select Sign up for a FREE ProPool.com account and follow the steps.
>Players can play for free and be challenged indefinitely; however, they canít challenge other Players.
>To Challenge other Players you must be a Registered Player and have active Match Credits.
>Print out the Challenge Card & Instructions. Make copies as needed. Itís easier to score the matches on paper first before entering them online.

>You can also enter your scores on smart phones and IPODS.

Note: The log out button is on the MEMBERS page.


It takes 30 Ė 60 seconds to enter Match Scores online.
Click PLAY NOW and see the LEADER BOARD

>Click PLAY and login to enter your Challenge Match scores.
>Buy Match Credits if your account is depleted.
>Select BilliardCommunity.com National Challenge

>Select the PLAY Button
>Select option A) if Player 2 is present OR option B), which requires email verification.
>Your name should be listed as Player 1
>Select Player 2 and Select the NEXT Button
>Verify Player 1 & Player 2 are correct at the top of the EScore Card
>Enter the appropriate scores as necessary. Only Games Won GW is required.
>Optional: Full Pro Stats shot by shot scoring is required to get a calculated accurate WPRating.
>You can enter scores Game by Game or enter the completed match scores at once.
>Visit the LEADER BOARD to verify your stats were posted correctly.

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