New Look! New Features for Players & Businesses!

We need to view and organize pool as a “sport like the MLB, NBA, NFL etc. not a fragmented bunch of pool tables. The qualified and innovative team of people that make ProPool, InsidePoolTV, The Billiard Channel happen, is our philosophy like this analogy I heard once about a chess game and jizsaw puzzle.” A chess game is about a winner and looser and a jizsaw puzzle is about getting all the unique pieces to fit together into one clear picture…
We have totally upgraded PROPOOL.COM with many new Features that are integrated with all the amazing Features of InsidePoolTV that keep you updated on the latest trends in the Billiards World.  We will be adding a ton of features and give you all the tools to BE A PRO Player and a Great billiard business!
>Shop at the Virtual Mall! Sponsors can start there Virtual Stores
>Anyone can WIN Rewards Cards and Gift Cards at Affiliate Venues!
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>The Rack’N’Roll America Show has started at Strokers Billiards in Edgewater FL!
>WorldAlvin is remastering many new Pro matches for InsidePoolTV & The Billiard Channel TBC on Roku!
>A Top industry Live TV Producer!

Feature for promoters and Event organizers will also be incorporated soon. Keep visiting for updates!